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Christopher A. Riddle, Ph.D. - Founder & Senior Ethics Consultant

Christopher Riddle is a professional ethicist and a Tenured Professor and Chair of Philosophy at Utica University in New York. He is the author of four books on ethics, the editor of another two, and has over 50 professional publications across various fields in some of the leading peer-reviewed journals in the world. He also has published work in popular media outlets and is available to produce public-facing documents or outreach. He is an accomplished speaker who has been invited to present at some of the most prestigious venues in the world, including all over the United States, Canada, Scotland, Switzerland, Germany, and Japan. 

He has served as a consultant for hospitals, service providers, advocacy groups, and politicians in various levels of government. He is also regularly hired to serve as an expert witness for professional organizations and non-governmental organizations.

Christopher Riddle with a bookshelf behind him.


Christopher is the Founder and the Senior Ethics Consultant at C. A. Riddle Consulting. He is available to provide clinical consultations, staff education, and institutional review board (IRB) work. He has experience both chairing ethics committees, as well as being an external member and contributing in that capacity.

Christopher Riddle on Utica University's campus.

Christopher has received certification in the ethical conduct for research involving human subjects (from the Canadian government's Interagency Advisory Panel on Research Ethics) and routinely engages in additional training to remain current for any IRB work he engages in.

Professional Memberships

More information and a complete listing and history of Christopher's work can be found here. A curriculum vitae can be found here.

Junior Ethics Consultants

We currently have affiliations with a variety of ethicists across the United States and the world that are available upon request or as needed to fulfill particular specializations within your organization. Please reach out to inquire about the credentials and accomplishments of our junior ethics consultants. The availability and location of our junior ethics consultants varies, so please inquire as to how we can best assist you.