C. A. Riddle Consulting

Frequently Asked Questions

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What does ethics consulting add to my organization?

Many organizations have a need for, and would benefit greatly from, having an ethicist available to them and their staff. That said, many do not require a full-time ethicist to meet their needs. C. A. Riddle Consulting fills this gap and offers ethics services to clients in a budget friendly manner that enables them to effectively and efficiently meet their needs, without overspending. Ethics consulting not only helps in solving many potential problems before they emerge, but it also offers educational opportunities and toolkits to assist employees and staff in resolving complex situations. Finally, having a dedicated ethicist on staff demonstrates to customers, service users, and patients that your organization stands above others in respect to the regard and care being offered to them. 

Are ethics consulting services affordable?

In short, yes. The cost structure is largely determined by the needs of our clients as well as the ethicist that is hired. We offer flexible payment schedules and find many organizations benefit from the discounted rates we offer through keeping an ethicist on retainer each month. These organizations also benefit from a discounted rate for all billed hours above the agreed upon retainer. That said, other organizations find the need for an ethicist to be more sporadic and opt to establish a relationship with us, but to not keep us on retainer. All these options are available to every client and we are eager to discuss your particular needs with you.

What areas of ethics do you have experts available to assist with?

While the most common kind of consulting we offer is within medicine and healthcare, or to hospitals or hospice organizations, we also offer consulting for service providers, various companies or corporations, politicians, or military or defense organizations. We have ethicists with both broad training in the field of ethics, as well as those with more specialized training for assisting particular clients. Please reach out to inquire about your organization and our ethicists.

Is an ethicist available in my area?

It is very likely we have an ethicist on staff who is available to assist you in your area. In the event we do not, we are happy to offer virtual meetings that have largely become the norm in many industries that utilize our services.

Can you offer in person or remote ethics consulting services?

Our consultants are available for both in person meetings at your location, as well as virtually. Some organizations have found it useful to have a hybrid arrangement where an ethicist visits in person annually or bi-annually, but conducts the remainder of consultations virtually. We are happy to work with your needs to offer solutions that benefit you most.

Do you offer full-time ethics consultants?

It is unlikely we have anyone on staff looking to fill a full-time vacancy. Neither Christopher nor any of our junior associates are available for full-time ethics consulting at any organization. C. A. Riddle Consulting is primarily concerned with filling a gap in organizations that might not require a full-time ethicist, but that would nonetheless benefit from having one available to them. That said, we have worked with numerous organizations to staff full-time vacancies and would be happy to discuss your needs to assist in finding an ideal ethicist for you through our network of professional connections.


Why the bear?

First, bears are thought to represent strength, courage, calmness, nobility, and patience. While the bear is typically thought to be independent, it is also a great supporter and carer. Bears are measured and calm, but strong when necessary. These attributes are ones we aspire to embody as ethicists.

Second, it serves as a not-so-subtle nod to Christopher's childhood and in particular his mother and father, who often called him 'Bear'.